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About WCI

World Certification Institute (WCI) is a global certifying body that grants credential awards and confers business degrees to individuals via AREL program, as well as accredits courses of organizations.

During the late 90s, several business leaders and eminent professors in the developed economies gathered to discuss the impact of globalization on occupational competence. The ad-hoc group met in Vienna and discussed the need to establish a global organization to accredit the skills and experiences of the workforce, so that they can be globally recognized as being competent in a specified field.

A Task Group was formed in October 1999 and comprised eminent professors from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, and Singapore.

The group proposed 2 broad categories of occupational certification. The first is a category of Accredited Practitioners, who have acquired adequate years of experience in a specified field of occupation in order to be recognized as globally competent in the field. The second is a category of Certified Professionals, who meet requirements of Accredited Practitioners, but additionally have academic or professional qualifications from WCI-accredited institutions.

World Certification Institute (WCI) was officially established at the start of the new millennium and was first registered in the United States in 2003. Today, its professional activities are coordinated through Authorized and Accredited Centers in America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

WCI is a Global Authority on Occupational Certification, and the global expertise of the Councilors is recognition of this authority. The world body recognizes cross-national skills, competencies and professional practices that are indicative of occupational capability and derived from internationally accepted best practices.

WCI provides a structured assessment system to assess and certify globally accepted experiential work practices, skills, competencies and professional management. The basic criteria for receiving credential awards are adequate years of experience and demonstration of competence in a specialized field.

WCI’s Primary Role is to grant any of six Credential Awards to individuals who meet the criteria to receive these awards. The assessment process entails examining, validating and authenticating the experiential skill and occupational competence that are required for a Credential Award. Those applying for a Certified Credential Award must possess the required qualifications from WCI Accredited Institutions.

WCI’s Secondary Role is to accredit courses conducted by organizations that are not in the listing of WCI Accredited Institutions. These organizations could be universities, colleges, schools, professional institutions, and training companies.

WCI’s Credential Award can be verified publicly at WCI home page under “VERIFY CREDENTIAL” by keying in the 10 digits assigned to the Credential Award.

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