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Global Vision & Mission

World Certification Institute (WCI) is the leading body in the world to grant World Credential Awards that are desired in the global marketplace.

WCI is a Global Authority on Occupational Certification, and the global expertise of the Councilors is recognition of this authority. The world body recognizes cross-national skills, competencies and professional practices that are indicative of occupational capability and derived from internationally accepted best practices.

WCI develops a structured assessment system to assess and certify globally accepted experiential work practices, skills, competencies and professional management. The basic criteria for receiving WCI Credential Awards are adequate years of experience and demonstration of competence in a specialized field.

WCI grants Credential Awards to individuals who meet the criteria to receive these awards. The assessment process entails examining, validating and authenticating the experiential skill and occupational competence that are required for an Accredited Credential Award; and for those desiring a Certified Credential Award, they must have attained the required qualifications from WCI Accredited Institutions.

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