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Goals & Objectives

  • To establish objective metrics and processes for assessing occupational competence that are internationally accepted for identification, codification and validation of skills and competencies in a variety of occupations.
  • To provide opportunity for individuals to seek a desired WCI Credential Award with credible authentication and documentation of their skills, competencies and professional practices.
  • To provide opportunity for organizations to seek accreditation of their courses so that graduates of their courses can be eligible for the Certified Credential Awards granted by WCI.
  • To provide maximum certification value at affordable rates to the global workforce.
  • To provide employers with validated information to assist in the hiring process.
  • To increase marketplace awareness and acceptance of WCI Credential Awards based on the assessed criteria of an individual’s skills, competencies and professional practices.
  • To respond quickly to evolving market forces and constantly review the changes in occupational competency requirements of the global marketplace.
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