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Accreditation of Courses

World Certification Institute (WCI) is a global certifying body that grants credential awards to individuals as well as accredits courses of organizations.

The Primary Role of WCI is to grant any of 6 Credential Awards to individuals who meet the criteria to receive these awards. Those applying for a Certified Credential Award; namely WCP, WCSP, or WCMP must possess the required qualifications from Institutions.

The Secondary Role of WCI is to accredit courses conducted by organizations that are not in the listing of WCI Institutions. These organizations could be universities, colleges, schools, professional institutions, and training companies.

WCI does not conduct courses. WCI does not compete with any National Accreditation Body or any University. Both the academic and professional qualifications are essential assessment criteria for WCI Certified Credential Awards and must only be obtained from WCI Institutions.

The process of accrediting courses conducted by non-WCI Institutions is more rigorous for new Course Providers. This process entails detailed examination of course content & duration; qualifications & competence of trainers; financial strength & integrity of course providers; available facilities & resources; method of delivery & assessment; and importantly their relevance to occupational & career development.

Only WCI Councilors or WCI-appointed Committees of Experts can accredit courses. When a course is successfully accredited, graduates of the accredited course are deemed to have met the qualification criteria for WCI Certified Credential Awards. An organization that has its courses successfully accredited will receive a Certificate of Accreditation from WCI that lists the courses accredited and the eligibility level of a Credential Award. The organization can also print on its award certificate with the words “Course Accredited by World Certification Institute”, alongside WCI logo.

Organizations applying for accreditation of their courses by WCI are required to furnish their information in a prescribed form W3 that can be downloaded below.

Click Here >> Download Form-W3

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