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Benefits and Value

Benefits of the World Credentials

The professional credentials awarded by World Certification Institute offer an individual several important benefits:

  • The certification recognizes that the individual possesses competence in the specified occupational field, and is therefore a recognized professional or practitioner within the occupational field.
  • The certification demonstrates to current and prospective employers that the individual is a quality employee who can contribute significantly to organizational goals.
  • Prior to certification, an individual is required to abide by the Institute’s Code of Ethical Practices, thus assuring public confidence on the integrity of the award recipients.
  • Course accreditation is a mark of global recognition on the value to occupations made possible by course providers. -The certification enables an individual to become a professional member of the World Certification Institute, and the member thus joins a network of successful professionals and practitioners worldwide.
  • The certification motivates an individual to continually seek improvement in his or her job competence, and to constantly keep abreast with latest technology and processes, as well as current trends in the profession.
  • The professional membership at World Certification Institute creates a career pathway for members to move from entry level occupational competence to higher levels of occupational mastery


Value of the World Credentials

Aworld credential awarded by World Certification Institute will imbue professional performance of the individual and create increasing awareness of employers worldwide. These credentials will ensure that professionals and practitioners develop a clear understanding of their organization’s operation and adopt an active role in critical decisions.

The award of a world credential by the Institute is based on criteria such as integrity; skills, capabilities and knowledge derived from validated experiential learning and acquired through ongoing training and education. Additionally, the recognition of an individual’s skills, competencies and professional practices will boost confidence and inspire dedication of the individual towards excellence in job performance and organization growth.


The higher status of a world credential can serve as a catalyst for members to implement innovative strategies through the organization. Surveys and anecdotal evidences have indicated that those with an appropriate world credential report higher annual compensation than those without the credential.

Attaining a world credential with the World Certification Institute is an opportunity for the individual to leverage experiential skills and knowledge into career advancement.

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