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The Assessment Process

The basic criteria for receiving credential awards are adequate years of experience and demonstration of competence in a specific field of occupation.

The assessment process entails examining, validating and authenticating the experiential skill and occupational competence that are required for an Accredited Credential Award; namely WAP, WAEP, or WALP.

In addition to the basic criteria, those applying for a Certified Credential Award; namely WCP, WCSP, or WCMP must possess required qualifications from WCI Accredited Organizations.

The assessment process also involves evaluating and determining the suitable Tier-Level award whether this is at Competent Level, Expert Level, or Leadership Level.

The assessment process is managed from the Secretariat, and implemented through Authorized or Accredited Centers around the world. The standards and qualifying criteria are supervised by WCI-appointed Lead Assessors. The assessment process normally takes about 2 weeks.

The outcome is a Composite Score based on an aggregate of scores derived from six assessment categories with different weightages assigned to each assessment category. The assessment categories and the associated weightages are consistent with competency conformity standards that have been deliberated and validated by select committees of experts and approved by WCI Board.

The validity of a Credential Award granted to an individual can be verified publicly at WCI home page under Certification Verification by keying in the 16-digit certification.

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