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Dr José Ángel López Sánchez

Dr. José Ángel López Sánchez

Dr. José Ángel López Sánchez is currently Associate Professor of Area Marketing and Market Research at the University of Extremadura (Spain) and holds a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Oviedo (Spain). He has been a Visiting Scholar at the Aston Business School (UK) through the Aston Academy for Research into Management (AARM). He has undertaken substantive research on marketing about the European Union and has received several grants from organizations such as the Leonardo da Vinci Programme (European Union), Socrates-Erasmus Programme (European Union), Programa José Castillejo (Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain), Programa de Cooperación Interuniversitaria América Latina-España (Ministry of Foreign Policy and Cooperation, Spain), and Pre-Doctoral Research Grant (Junta de Extremadura, Spain). He has also been actively involved in research and development projects that are financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain, and the University of Oviedo. His research has been widely published in leading journals, such as the Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, and Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing.

Scope of Expertise: Organizational learning, value creation, relationship marketing, strategy, business-to-business marketing, and market research.

Primary Country of Work: Spain


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