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Professor Hanan Issa Malkawi

Professor Hanan Issa Malkawi

Professor Hanan Malkawi has more than 25 years of active research experience in biotechnology and bionanotechnology, and their applications in environment, health, agriculture, microbiology, food, and cosmetic industry. She is currently on sabbatical leave as a Professor at the department of Applied Biological Sciences, Jordan University of Science & Technology. She was awarded a scholarship from Yarmouk University (Jordan), to complete a M.Sc. degree in Bacteriology & Public Health in 1984, followed by a Ph.D. degree in Microbiology & Molecular Biology in 1987, and attaining both post-graduate qualifications from the Washington State University (United States). Professor Malkawi was the former Director of UNESCO Chair for Desert Studies and Desertification Control. She was also former Vice-President of Scientific Research & International Relations at Yarmouk University (Jordan). She has registered several patents and has received several million-dollar funded grants from national and international agencies for her research projects. She has several published papers in peer-reviewed international scientific journals. She has also delivered presentations and participated in more than 80 conferences worldwide.

Scope of Expertise: Environmental Biotechnology, Water and Food quality, Medical Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, and Nanobiotechnology.

Primary Country of Work: Jordan


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