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Professor John WEST

Professor John WEST

Professor John West is currently a Senior Consultant at the Asian Development Bank Institute and concurrently a visiting Professor at Sophia University in Japan. He has been a visiting Professor at Paris-based Institute of Political Studies as well as American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy, where he lectured on globalization and economics.

Since 1993, John West has written several insightful articles on globalization, linkages and economic integration of OECD Economies, Dynamic Asian Economies, as well as the economies of Central and Eastern European Countries. In his position at the Asian Development Bank Institute, he is responsible for the organization of capacity building and training events on post-economic crisis development strategies for mid to senior level officials from developing economies of Asia.

He was formerly the head of public affairs at OECD, the director of OECD forum, a counsellor and an Economist at OECD. He was also a former Economist at the Australian Treasury.

Scope of Expertise: International Economics

Primary Country of Work: Japan


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