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Professor Jose Albors-Garrigos is currently Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Innovation Management at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia in Spain. He has 25 years of engineering experience in several multinational companies, and has worked as an innovation management consultant with national and international organizations such as the Ministry of Industry in Spain, Ministry of Science in Greece, the European Commission in Brussels and UNIDO in Vienna.

Jose Albors-Garrigos is a leading expert on transnational technology transfer networks for growing enterprises. His research spans a wide range of topics, including technology transfer networks, continuous improvement and innovation, knowledge management, value chains, clusters and public policies.

He has written numerous articles relating to these topics in publications such as the International Journal of Technology Management, Journal of Economic Geography, Journal of Information Management, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, European Planning Studies, and Research Technology Management. He holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering and a Master degree in Business Management, both from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid.

Scope of Expertise: Technology & Innovation Management

Primary Country of Work: Spain


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