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Professor Robert R. Stieglitz

Robert R. Stieglitz

Professor Stieglitz has more than 40 years of experience, specifically in the field of Archaeology and Hebraic Studies. He is Professor Emeritus in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations at Rutgers University (United States) and serves as Director of Ancient and Medieval Civilizations Programs. Professor Stieglitz is a recognized international expert in ancient seafaring and cultural interconnections. He has excavated at several coastal sites and conducted archaeological survey at many ancient harbor sites throughout the Mediterranean world. He has conducted substantive research in historical sites excavated in Israel and Greece. He has also surveyed and conducted numerous archaeological tours to several Mediterranean regions. Professor Stieglitz is the recipient of numerous academic honors and awards, author of four books and more than one hundred articles on the ancient Near East and Mediterranean world. He has taught at universities and institutes in Greece, Israel and was formerly a curator of the National Maritime Museum, Haifa. He continues to lead archaeological tours in the Mediterranean world (the Greek mainland, Turkey, Cyprus, Crete, Malta, Sardinia, and Corsica).

Scope of Expertise: Archaeology and Hebraic Studies.

Primary Country of Work: United States
United States


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