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Count David J. Gagnon

David J. Gagnon

Count David J. Gagnon has more than 3 decades of multi-faceted experiences that feature overlapping experience of 34 years of economics specializing in banking and finance, 29 years of paralegal-level work, law enforcement and Court enforcement, and 28 years of non-profit philanthropy and humanitarian charity work. He was appointed as Minister of Finance for the Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon, a constitutional parliamentary nation-state subject of international law having the same juridical status as the Vatican. The Order of the Temple of Solomon is the direct continuation of the original “Knights Templar” from 1118 AD, through royal dynastic succession recognized and legalized by Queen Elizabeth under the UK constitutional monarchy system.

Count David achieved the highest level of Grand Cross Knight of the chivalric aspect of the Order as a historical institution. He was also granted official European nobility peerage as a Count, by letters patent from the Order with full juridical Fons Honorum authority. As established clergy with over 15 years of Church experience, he became a Bishop of the original Holy See of Antioch from 33 AD, with a Doctorate in Divinity. David is a leading economist for United Nations NGO organizations, holding a Ph.D. in Business Economics.

Scope of Expertise: Capital Markets; Investment Banking; Portfolio Management.

Primary Country of Work: United States
United States


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